Posted: 26 August 2011

Stories and events that impacts on our Iwi from 20-26 August 2011.  To read the full article, click on the blue button (sourced from regional newspapers and/or agencies).

 25-Aug-2011 Ngarauru Success

Since Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi signed their land settlement in 2005, the iwi has increased the initial $31 million it received to $43m through investments, while providing about $9.8m in iwi initiatives. Now it is looking to play a major role in discussions around the Waverley High School site.  Click on the blue button for the full story.


 25-Aug-2011 Decision knocks leaseholders (Waitara)

The Court of Appeal has backed a High Court finding last year that the New Plymouth District Council was not obliged to freehold Raymond Miller Hunt’s leasehold land, nor was he entitled to compensation for $60,000 of improvements to the property. Click on the blue button for the full story.


  24-Aug-2011  Taranaki Farmer fined $60,000 for paru on his farm
Trevor Jane, who runs the family trust farm on Tariki Road admitted four breaches of the Resource Management Act last year.  Click on the blue botton for the full story.


 23-Aug-2011  Taranaki Maori Rugby Exhibition

On Saturday (27 August 2011) Pukeariki Museum will open an exhibition that celebrates Taranaki Maori Rugby throughout the decades.  Ngaruahine Iwi are especially proud of our involvement over the years and the Tawhi Tamou Trophy (Ngaruahine Kaumatua and Life Member to Ngaruahine Rugby and Taranaki Maori Rugby).  This is one of the exhibits on display at Pukeariki.  This years Tribal Rugby tournament will be held on Saturday, 10 September 2011 at The Hub, Hawera.


  23-Aug-2011  Taiporohenui Marae connected to town water supply

Congratulations to our whanuanga Taiporohenui Marae (Ngati Ruanui) who recently connected to the South Taranaki District Council’s water supply.  This means their well-meaning water tanks can be promoted to back-ups.  Click on the blue button for the full story.