AGM Photos – 30 June 2012

Audited Statements Available

We are pleased to share the 2010 and 2011 consolidated audits that were presented and adoped at the reconvened AGM on 30 October 2011.  These can now be downloaded for your information.

26-05-11 Amending the Rules

Ballot papers have been sent to every registered member who is 18 years and older asking members to consider the changes the Board is proposing.

For an explaination behind these changes, click here

21-04-11 New Board Members

The Board has ratified the Returning Officers declaration (of those candidates who were unopposed) and they are nowfully fledged Board members.  They are:

  • Ngati Tu, Bonita Bigham, Te Rawanake Hemara
  • Ngati Manuhiakai, Peter Moeahu (incumbant)
  • Kanihi – Umutahi (me etahi atu), Pue Whakaruru

Elections for the Ngati Haua and Okahu-Inuawai (me etahi atu) Hapu representatives closes 6 May 2011

14-04-11 Ngati Haua candidate withdraws from election

Te Rau Oriwa Davis has withdrawn her candidacy for the Ngati Haua Hapu Electorate leaving Hone Nuku Tarawhiti and Cilla Rei as the two remaining candidates.  Unfortunately the voting papers had already been printed and posted which means any votes cast for Te Rau will now be invalid.  Please share this panui with your whanau.