Key Board Messages – Mahuru 2022

Key Board Messages – Mahuru 2022

Key Board Messages – Mahuru 2022

Te Korowai Board met on Friday 23 Mahuru/September 2022 at Māwhitiwhiti-Kanihi Pā, and can share the following highlights:

  • The Board endorsed Ngāruahine Fisheries Ltd to notify that the Annual Catch Entitlement for Tuna remain with Te Ohu Kaimoana as unleased quota while the sustainability of the tuna species remains a concern. 
  • The Board approved the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Shareholder Agreement for hapū.  This is a crucial step in the process towards the reacquisition of Ngāruahine whenua.  
  • The artist known as Mr G (Graeme Hoete) helped to raise awareness of the Street/Road Name kaupapa through his small installation in MATARIKI near HĀWERA – the first of a series e pa ana ki nga pakanga o aotearoa (NZ LAND WARS Street sign SERIES), to challenge and encourage everyone to research, learn, & know our history’.  Te Korowai submitted feedback to the South Taranaki District Council on its Road Naming Policy. We invite any whānau and hapū who wish to work with us to participate in the process to rename offensive or inappropriate road names. 
  • A decision from the High Court on the Hiringa Energy kaupapa is not expected before the end of Whiringa-ā-nuku/October 2022. 
  • The Board approved He Matauraura – the strategy document to guide and support uri educational aspirations and achievements grounded in Ngāruahine identity, reo and tikanga.  Expect to see an implementation plan for hapū and whānau out soon. 
  • The Board spent the remainder of the day preparing for this year’s hui-a-tau/AGM. 

Here are some key dates for your calendar 

  • Rangatahi wānanga – 28-30 Whiringa-ā-nuku
  • Te Pūaotanga o Maru I te Atatū (Ngāti Maruwharanui – Crown Apology) – 29 Whiringa-ā-nuku
  • Taranaki Tu Mai – 4-6 Whiringa-ā-rangi
  • Te Pō Whakahirahira o Ngāruahine/Social – 3 Hakihea  
  • Wiki Hākinakina o ngā Kura Kaupapa Māori – 11-16 Hakihea
  • Whānau Fun Day – 17 Hakihea.

For future information go to our Facebook page.

In other news:

  • Te Korowai congratulates the successful local government electoral candidates – Te Aroha Hohaia, Bonita Bigham, Clive Tongaawhikau, Tuteri Rangihaeata, Leanne Horo, Sharlee Mareikura and Dinnie Moeahu. Thank you for putting your hands up and representing. 
  • Te Korowai will run monthly wānanga on the accounting software Xero, for hapū and marae members/treasurers, starting in Whiringa-ā-nuku.  Dates will be out soon on the facebook page.

AGM Notice 2022

AGM Notice 2022

AGM Notice 2022

Tēnā tātou e te iwi.

Our AGM is upon us. Make sure you arrive early to get a carpark whānau! The carpark is accessible from the Hastings Rd entrance (Omahuru Rd will be an exit only). When full, the paddock next door will be opened up.

We want everyone safe and well so if you haven’t RATs tested at home before you arrive, you can
do so when you get to the pā. Please allow 15 minutes to complete the testing process. Whakatau will start promptly at 9am and will be followed by kapu tii.

We’re encouraging all uri to pre-register at the email address below please, but a register will be circulated inside the whare.

The formal hui will commence at 10am.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the Annual General Meeting of the Te Korowai o Ngāruahine Trust Group will be held at Kānihi Marae, 240 Hastings Road, Okaiawa on Saturday 24 September 2022.

All Ngāruahine uri are invited to attend.

9.00 am Whakatau
10.00 am Hui commences


  1. Karakia
  2. Apologies (by resolution)
  3. Pouwhakarae Message
  4. Board Presentation
  5. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 2021 Annual General Meeting (by resolution)
  6. Presentation of the Annual Report to 31 March 2022
    1. Te Korowai o Ngāruahine Trust
    2. Te Kīwai Mauī o Ngāruahine Limited
    3.  2021/2022 Annual Audited Financial Statements (by resolution)
  7. Presentation of ‘Ka Ora Taku Toa’ 5 Year Strategy & alignment with the Annual Plan
  8. Appointment of the Auditor (by resolution)
  9. Presentation of Trustees’ remuneration (by resolution)
  10. General Business
  11. Hākari

We encourage all uri to register in advance for this event.

You can register, notify your apology or order a printed copy of the 2022 Annual Report, email A digital copy of the 2022 Annual Report will be available to download from our website after 26 August 2022,

This event is being live streamed for uri who cannot attend in person. Information
regarding the AGM live streaming will be shared on our Facebook page and our website.

In the event of Covid-19 disruptions, the AGM will be held remotely only.

Te Korowai o Ngāruahine – Key Board Messages July 2022

Te Korowai o Ngāruahine – Key Board Messages July 2022

Key Board Messages July 2022

Te Korowai Board met on Friday 1 July 2022 and can share the following highlights: 

  1. Te Korowai has seen an increase in kaimahi over the past 6 months.  This time last year we had five kaimahi working in the tari.  By March 2022 there were 12 kaimahi and today we have 18 kaimahi working to deliver on the five year strategy and the Annual Plan for 2022.  We have two new teams and a Whare Kōrero. Te Rōpū Hāpai – Finance Team and Te Rōpū Pāpāho – Communications Team and Te Whare Kōrero o Ngāruahine.  Please welcome Emma Park, John Tapiata, Neta Riley, Janine Maruera, Jackson Cassidy, Moesha Katene Rawiri who are brand new to our team, starting in May and June of this year as well as Phillip and Puhi Nuku, who are no strangers to our landscape.  Congratulations also to Ritihia Waller and Rowan Reihana who have moved from their previous positions into new roles within Te Rōpū Hāpai and to Rhonda Vanstone who joined the team as EA to the Tumu Whakarae. Rhonda will also support the governance function of Te Korowai. 

  2. We continue to work towards growing our register.  This enables us to understand where our uri can be located, supporting our efforts to reach out to all our people, no matter where they are in the world.  We encourage you all to contact the tari or reach out on our communication platforms if you are needing tautoko to register.

  3. WITT deliver a Level 4, Māori Governance course which is pitched at directors and emerging directors.  We are encouraging all whānau who sit on our hapū and marae committees, or our rangatahi coming through, to enrol in this course for 2023.  This course will support our grassroots directors / trustees strenghthening the skillset you already have.  On 7 July 2022, Te Korowai o Ngāruahine Trust, signed a Memorandum of Understanding  with WITT.  This strong relationship will support the Te Ara Toiroa Strategy, Kura to Career Pipeline and encourage more courses to be delivered to our takiwā, such as the successful NZ Certificate in Manaaki Marae – Te Nihowera, Te Ringawera (Kaupae 3).

  4. 2022 saw the inclusion of a public holiday which celebrates Te Tau Hou Māori.  Ngāruahine have for the past 9 years been publically celebrating Puanga and Matariki via wānanga, ceremonies, toi exhibitions and kai hākari.  This year saw Te Korowai actively supporting events that were celebrated in the community, delivering online education videos, a series of whakatauki pertaining to Puanga and Matariki, and an online talent quest.  We made the unfortunate decision, for the safety of our kaumatua, to postpone Te Pō Whakanui i a Puanga which was due to take place on Saturday 30 July.  We look forward to celebrating together on 3 December 2022 instead. 

  5. We can also celebrate a positive audit report for the 2021 year and feedback from the auditor:
    • Investment performance has been very positive.  We have seen considerable growth. Our managed funds particularly have done extremely well in the last 12 months. 
    • There was a word of caution for us all – the next 12 months will not look so rosy, and we may see decreases. Shares have already started showing decreases in the last few months. We should not be surprised.
    • However, our investments have been well managed.  The diversifying of our investments has worked in our favour – a credit to the portfolio of investments that we have.

  6. The growth continues in our local Impact Investment space also.  While we have seen the diversification of our investments contribute to the wellbeing of the nation, we are bringing it back into our takiwā also.  We invited uri to a series of hui / wānanga during the month of July for “Kāinga Whakaahurangi” and “Project Tūkau”. These projects are about scoping out what our Kāinga / Housing aspirations are as uri, in Whakaahurangi and the returning of Te Korowai Kaupapa / operations into Ngāruahine boundaries.  Keep an eye out on our social media platforms for further wānanga and hui dates on these kaupapa.

  7. Hinerangi Raumati has resigned as the Chairperson of Te Kīwai Mauī. Hinerangi has shared her time, experience and mātauranga with us for 6 years and it is now time for her to explore other ventures.  We wish Hinerangi and her whānau, all the best for the future.   We advertised for a Director and received a great response – an announcement will be made shortly. 

Mauri ora

Paula Carr


Confirmation of Nominations Accepted: 2022 By-election for Ōkahu-Inuawai Hapū

Confirmation of Nominations Accepted: 2022 By-election for Ōkahu-Inuawai Hapū

Confirmation of Nominations Accepted

2022 By-election for Ōkahu-Inuawai

Nominations for the election of one trustee for the Ōkahu-Inuawai hapū closed at 5pm on Wednesday 15 June 2022. Following the conclusion of candidate eligibility checks, nominations have been accepted from Karl ADAMSON and Ngaraina BROOKS. As more than ONE valid nomination was received an election will be required and will be conducted by postal and online voting.

Adult members of TKONT, registered with Ōkahu-Inuawai as their primary hapū will be sent a voter pack together with information about the candidates from Wednesday 29 June 2022. Voting will close on Friday 29 July 2022.

Any member who does not receive a voter pack or requires a replacement should ring the election helpline on 0800 666 042. Please note that in accordance with the Te Korowai o Ngāruahine Trust Deed, members are unable to change their electorate hapū during the election period.

Anthony Morton

Returning Officer – Te Korowai o Ngāruahine Trust 
Ph: 0800 666 042

Ōkahu-Inuawai (me ētehi atu) Hapū By-election Information

Ōkahu-Inuawai (me ētehi atu) Hapū By-election Information

Ōkahu-Inuawai (me ētehi atu) Hapū By-election

Call for nominations

Ngawai Hernandez-Walden has recently resigned as an elected trustee. That resignation has created an extraodinary vacancy on the Trust for an Ōkahu-Inuawai hapū representative.

Nominations are now called to fill that vacancy and close at 5pm on Wednesday 15 june 2022. Candidates must be nominated on the official nomination form and be registered with Te Korowai with Ōkahu-Inuawai as their primary hapū. Each nomination must be supported by 5 registered adult members of the Ōkahu-Inuawai hapū. A candidate handbook and nomination form can be downloaded below or sourced from the returning officer.

Anthony Morton
Returning Officer
Ph: 0800n 666 042


Free Manaaki Marae Course

Free Manaaki Marae Course


NZ Certificate in Manaaki Marae – Te Nihowera, Te Ringawera (Kaupae 3)

Wanna learn how to cook and prepare the mean as kai for your Marae? 🥔🥗 🍗🍞
And if that didn’t tempt you, then this should make it even tastier… it’s FREE!! So here’s your chance!!!
This 15 week course is run by WITT – Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki and will teach you how to cook, prepare and serve food in line with marae tikanga. Starting March 15 and ending on July 8 2022. 
Check out the course details in the image or on our Facebook page, or to apply just click on the link below –

2021 Annual General Meeting Update

2021 Annual General Meeting Update

2021 Annual General Meeting Update

Due to COVID-19 disruptions, the AGM will be held remotely and streamed live online. Information regarding the AGM live streaming will be shared via email, facebook and our website later this week.