Got some more questions about the elections – check out the answers to some of the questions you might have below…

How do I vote online?

By going to the online site VOTE HERE

When does voting close?

Postal and internet voting closes on Friday 26 September 2014 and there is the opportunity for ballot box voting at the AGM on Saturday 27 September 2014 (the AGM will be held at the Te Korowai o Ngāruahine Trust offices at 145 High Street in Hāwera).

My voting papers are for one hapū but I want to vote in another one – how can I do this?

If you call electionz on 0508 666 887 they will make this change and enable you to vote in another hapū. You cannot vote in a hapū that you do not whakapapa to. Please note – if you nominated someone to stand as a candidate you cannot change your hapū electorate for the current elections but will be able to do so for future elections.

I changed the hapū I wished to vote in through Electionz but have already received voting papers for another hapū – what do I do about this?

Electionz will email you with new voting instructions for the hapū you have selected.

I don’t think I am registered – how do I register?

The best way to register is by using the online form at /register-online/. Those who complete online registration will be guaranteed the ability to be correctly registered and participate in elections. There is also a hard copy registration form that may be completed but PLEASE NOTE using the online form is the best way to ensure you can cast a valid vote in these elections.

Can I vote for only one candidate, or do I have to vote for two?

You can vote for just one person if you want to.

What if I vote for more than two candidates?

If you vote for more than two candidates all of your votes will be considered invalid and will not be counted.

There are lots of issues to vote on as well as the Trustee elections – do I have to vote for them all?

No, you can vote for as many or as few of the elections as you want.

Why can I only choose from the candidates from one hapū?

The Te Korowai o Ngāruahine Trust Deed requires each registered member to select a hapū electorate – that is one hapū that they vote Trustees from.   You may select one hapu from any of the hapū that you whakapapa to.

How did I come to be in the hapū I have received papers for?

If you only whakapapa to one hapū that is automatically your hapū electorate. Where you identify with multiple hapū consideration was given to where you or your whānau have the most involvement. All new applications for registration will nominate their own hapū electorate.

My whānau have had problems registering and/or voting. What processes are in place to make sure my vote counts?

Electionz are an independent elections house who have significant experience in running elections – they have systems and process in place to ensure a sound elections process. If you experience any problems with voting call 0508 666 887 for assistance.

The process for registering with Te Korowai o Ngāruahine Trust is different than that for Ngā Hapū ō Ngāruahine Iwi Incorporated due to the requirements set out in the Trust Deed.   Alongside electionz our processes will ensure that anyone who is legitimately entitled to cast a vote in the elections will be able to do so.   All applications for registration made are considered by the Membership Committee (who are independent of Trustees) and all registrations enquires are dealt with personally by the General Manager.

The registration form or online voting isn’t working!

If you are having any problems with online registration please email If you are facing any problems with the online voting please call electionz on 0508 666 887.

I received voting papers at my address for somebody that’s not connected to this address. What should I do? Will that person receive the papers and get to vote?

If you have received voting papers that do not belong to anyone at the address call electionz on 0508 666 887.   In addition to the hard copy papers registered members will be contacted via email and have the opportunity to vote online.