Te Tumu Whairawa are offering a programme that has been developed to help trustees and landowners build a greater connection to their trust and whenua through a greater understanding of finance.

by attending this programme, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of Financial statements within a land context
  • Learn about Finacial safety
  • learn about financial planning
  • Discover more about the roles. responsibilities and obligations of being a kaitiaki of a land entity
  • learn how to create a budget f or a land entity

wānanga runs over 1 ½ days (Friday evenings and all day Saturday). in Hawera (23-24

held in Hawera (23-24th June), at The Park Motel on Waihi Road.

please find attached information sheet regarding programme, and registration form.

1. Te Tumu Whairawa info sheet

3. Registration form – TTW